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Our Strategy

At Horus International we evolve with the times. In an ever-changing, ever-expanding industry, we continuously refine our services to cater to the needs of traders worldwide.

Our Vision

We have always followed a client-centric approach and place our clients’ needs at the centre of our operations. It is our aim to remain among the best online brokers in the industry and to retain our reputation as a most reliable and trusted broker.

Our Values

At Horus International we remain committed to creating a dynamic environment that both respects traders and equips them with all necessary tools for their trading activities.

Horus International

Horus International Group is a broker specialized in trading of different derivative market (mostly OTC) supported in a modern software and in electronic negotiation systems, with actively managed exposure in different markets such as Contrac for Differences (in Equities, Commodities, Stocks, etc.) and Foreing Exchange Market. This kind of negotiation is actively managed to reduce risk and adjust to the market conditions offering daily liquidity.

Our innovative software has been developed to organize all of our trading activity. The application contains advanced analysis and charting tools presented in a user-friendly enviroment. The priority of Horus International Group is rendering high-grade investment services aimed at deriving profit from operating on the worldwide financial markets.

If you are looking for a user-friendly investment solution, you've found it with Horus International Group!

With 9,500 spread betting and 10,000 CFD instruments to trade across indices, commodities, shares, ETFs and treasuries, we give you the chance to develop a diverse portfolio, increasing your potential trading opportunities.

Excellent trading conditions

Our flexible accounts which suit anyone from a seasoned professional to a novice trader. Get one of our accounts to experience what it feels like to trade in the right company first-hand.

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At Horus International you are provided with the best trading conditions, lightning-fast speed of execution and flexible accounts to match your needs.

Your portal to the world markets direct access to markets for shares, options, futures, bonds, ETFs and CFD markets from a single account.

Access data from market 24 hours a day, six days a week to be in connection with all international markets.

Supported Products

Our clients have access to over 120 market centers in 26 countries where they can trade stocks, options, futures, forex, bonds, ETFs and CFDs – all from a single Account.

We give clients the tools they need to trade whatever financial products they choose to help them meet their trading and investing goals.

We believe that less is more when it comes to our trading costs, but not our trading tools. We continually strive to offer our clients more of what they need to enhance their trading experience.

We are here to answer any question. Our customer service team is available 24/5, so you’ll have professional assistance whenever you need it. Additionally, we provide our clients with exclusive trader programs and frequent financial news updates.